Name Naked Ladies
Genus/Species Amaryllis belladonna
Family Amaryllidceae
Type Bulb
Aka Belladonna Lily
Origin South Africa
General Excellent short background
Hardy in mild winter areas, dormant to late spring
Long lived
Leaves will fall over in a mass, intrusive
Needs protection in southern exposure
Sun Full sun
Water Little to no water
Soil Almost any
Size 3 - 4 feet
Leaf Thick rounded swords
Flower Pink trumpets 4 - 12 on one stem at 'finger' ends
Bloom Late summer
Seeds Seeds pods form after flowers at the ends of the flower fingers.
Remove seeds when pods dry, place on a tray inbetween damp paper towel , place tray anywhere inside the house, when they sprout pop into the ground.
Prop Seeds or division, divide right after bloom
Plant bulb tops even with the soil
Lift and divide infrequently, make take years to bloom again
Danger Bulbs are poisonous
My notes Ours gets morning sun, no hot afternoon sun and  multiplies like crazy.
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(Dead or Spotted Dead) Nettle

Genus/Species Lamium maculatum
Family Lamiaceae
Type Perennial ground cover
Aka Dead or spotted Nettle
Origin Europe, western Asia
General Very lush ground cover, spreads easily
Use Ground cover
Attract Bees
Zones 1 - 11, 14 24
Sun Part sun to full shade
Water Regular
Soil Average
Size 6 - 8" high, one plants will eventually cover a sq foot
Leaf Toothed spades, light green with lighter centers
Flower White or pink flower clusters
Bloom Spring to summer
Seeds Not found yet
Feed Standard
Prune Trim to control
Prop Runners, cuttings
Notes: This will take over an area in a few years
  Mow or dig out to control
Warnings Can be invasive if plant is happy
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Name New York Aster
Genus/Species Aster novi-belgii
Family Asteraceae / Compositae
Type Perennial
Aka Michaelmas Daisy
Origin Eastern North America
General Reliable colour
Hardy Very
Use Borders and beds, spreads easily
Zones 1 - 24
Attract Bees
Sun Full
Water Regular, border line drought
Size 2 - 3 feet hight, 2 - 3 feet wide, will spread
Flower Purple, pink daisies
Bloom Spring to fall
Seeds Easily harvested after bloom
Prune Trim to control
Prop Seeds or cuttings
My notes
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Name New Zealand Flax
Genus/Species Phormium tenax "Atropurpureum"
Family Agavaceae
Type Perennial grass
Aka Monrovia Red
Origin New Zealand
Hardy Grows back after freezes
Use Good landscaping background
Zones 7 - 9, 14 - 24
Sun Full to partial sun
Water Little to moderate, good drought resistence
Size Gerneally 5' x 5', 9 foot leaves that droop
Leaf Bronze green swords
Flower Dull red or red orange flowers
Seeds Erect but twisted seed pods
Prune As needed to control
Prop Division
Notes: Colouring is deeper in the full sun
My notes Ours is in almost complete shade and has never produced flowers or seeds
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Name Night Blooming Jasmine
Genus/Species Cestrum nocturum
Family Solanaceae
Type Evergreen shrub, tender perennial
Origin American tropics, West Indies
Hardy to 25
Zones 13, 16-24
Sun Partial shade, full sun for best bloom
Water Regular water
Size 12 feet
Leaf 4 -8" leaves
Flower Creamy white, white berries
Bloom Summer
Prop Cuttings by Dave Worden
Danger Fruit and sap are poisonous
Notes: Blessings to Dave Worden for bringing me five cuttings. I am in heaven.
My notes Might require staking, trim to keep compact
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