Name Madagascar Jasmine
Genus/Species Stephanotis floribunda
Family Asclepiadaceae
Type Evergreen vine, tender perennial
Origin Madagascar
Hardy Night 15-30, day 59-86
Use Fragrance
Zones 23, 24 or indoors
Sun Cool roots, filtered light, am sun only, south is too hot
Water Regular, do not over water, minimum during winter
Soil Good drainage, best in turfy loam, mild acidic
Size 15 - 30 feet
Growth Rapid but slow in containers
Leaf Waxy, thick oval green to 4" long
Flower 1-2" funnel white waxy fragrant clustered blossoms
Bloom Summer to fall
Feed Regularly, not in winter
Prop Cuttings or shoots
Enemies Scale, mealy bugs
Notes: Needs cool roots, tops in filtered sun, bright light
Bring indoors for winter, outside for summer
Let houseplants dry out during the winter for a rest
Needs trellis support
Temp changes causes bud drop
Does not flower indoors well
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Name Malva
Genus/Species Malva sylvesris zebrina
Family Malvaceae
Type Perennial
Aka Mallow
Origin Europe
General Short lived but striking
Hardy Not very, treat as annual
Use Edging, distinct flowers
Zones 1 - 9, 14 - 24
Sun Full sun
Water Regular water
Soil Well drained
Size 2 - 4 feet tall, 2 feet wide
Flower White to pink with purple stripes, very striking
Bloom Summer to fall
Seeds Plentiful
Prune Dead head for re bloom
Prop Seeds or cutting in spring
Enemies Snails
My notes
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Name Manzanita
Genus/Species Arctostaphylos
Family Ericacea
Type Evergreen shrub
Aka Emerald Carpet
General Woody dense, uniform carpet
Hardy to -50
Use Ground cover
Zones 6-9, 14-24
Sun Full sun or light shade
Water Very drought resistant
Deep irrigation in hot valleys every 2 -3 weeks
Soil Any
Size 8-14" tall, 5 foot spread
Plant Roundish mounds
Leaf Bright green leaves
Flower Insignificant small pink
Bloom Spring?
Seeds Red berries
Notes: One plant can last many years
My notes
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Name Marsh Mallow
Genus/Species Althaea officinalis
Family Malvaceae
Type Perennial herb
Origin Europe, brought to America as medicinal
Sun Sun to partial sun
Water Drought tolerant, do not overwater
Size 2' tall, 4 feet wide
Leaf Velvety soft spade, gray green
Flower 1 1/2" white
Bloom Summer to fall
Seeds Hollyhock type
Notes: The root pulp was mixed with honey in Egypt
3000 years ago to make marshmellows?
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Name Money Tree
Genus/Species Pachira aquatica
Type Evergreen tree
Aka Wild Cocoa tree, Guinea chestnut
Origin Tropical S America, Mexico around rivers and lakes
Sun Med to high indirect
Water Minimum, do not overwater
Other sources say water loving
Size To 100 feet in wet tropics, 30 in landscape
Flower Fragrant, lasts one day. Five outer petals, 100's of stamens
Bloom Late fall, early winter
Seeds Chestnut type
Feed Min
Notes: Young leaves and flowers are cooked
Fruit roasted like chestnuts
My notes
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Mosquito plant

Genus/Species Pelargonium citrosum Van Leenii
Family Geraniaceae
Type Perennial shrub
General Supposedly repels mosquitoes, I do not concur
Use Patio pots
Sun Full to partial sun
Water Sparingly water, does not like wet feet, allow to dry
Soil Average
Plant Happy bright green plant, just smells odd if youtouch it
Size to 3' by 3'
Leaf Heavily lobed, rough, pugent lemon scent
Flower Tiny pink geraniums
Bloom Off and on all year
Seeds None found yet
Feed Standard
Prune Trim for bushiness, remove dead leaves, common occurrence
Prop Cuttings
Notes: Grows best between 65 and 85, does not like intense heat but tolerates it
  Handles freezing weather
Pests None, the leaves smell awful
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Name Mountain Sage
Genus/Species Salvia clevelandii
Family Lamiaceae (Labiatae)
Type Evergreen shrub
Aka Blue sage
Origin Native to southwest
General Incredible musky fragrance, hard to find
Zones 10-24 (we are 9, it does fine)
Attracts Bees, butterflies, birds
Sun Full sun
Water Some summer water, drought resistant
Soil Well drained
Size 3 - 5 feet tall, 3' wide
Plant Roundish shrub with artful woody stems
Leaf Grey green
Flower Purple blue round clusters on tall spires
Bloom May to August (blooms second year)
Seeds Easy to collect if finches dont get them first
Prop Seeds or cuttings
Scatter seeds and place just the gentlest layer of fine dirt over them
Seedling is ever so tiny, slow growing, grey, odd spade shaped, sprouts within 2 weeks
My notes This is one of our all time favorites, hard to find. I have seedlings this year!!!!
Flower spires are great for dried arrangements
We are making incense and sage wands from this - delicious
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Evening Primrose aka Mexican primrose

Just one thing. Don't plant this where it can get loose. OMG.

Grandpa Otis Morning Glory

My picture of my Grandpa Otts is at: updated Aug 10