Name Geranium, Ivy
Genus/Species Pelargonium peltatum
Type Perennial
Use Cascading baaskets
Sun Partial
Water Allow to dry inbetween waterings
Soil Average
Size 12" high
Leaf Solid shiny ripply
Bloom All year
Prune Remove spent flowers to repeat bloom
Prop Cuttings
Colours Global Ruby Red - Pat
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Name Gaura
Genus/Species Gaura lindheimeri
Family Onagraceae
Type Perennial
Aka Apple blossom grass
Origin Texas, Louisiana
General Very airy, fairy like wild plant
Use Background
Zones All
Sun Full
Water Moderate to drought tolerant
Soil Any
Size 4 - 5 feet tall, 1 foot wide
Flower Light pink at stalk end
Bloom Spring to fall
Seeds Prolific
Prune Trim to control
Prop Seeds or time
Notes: Very invasive, long lived
Extensive tap root
My notes
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Name Germander
Genus/Species Teucrium chamaedrys
Family Lamiaceae
Type Perennial
Origin Mediterrean
Use Edgings, tall ground cover
Zones 2 - 24
Attract Bees
Sun Full sun
Water Moderate
Soil Any
Size 1 foot tall by 2 feet wide, spreads easily
Leaf Aromatic
Flower Stalks like sage
Bloom Summer
Seeds Readily collected like sage
Prune Mow to control
Prop Seeds
Notes: Can be invasive
My notes
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Genus/Species Hedychium coronarium
Family Zingiberaceae
Type Perennial
Aka Ginger Lily, Garland Flower, White Ginger
Origin Tropical Asia, India, Himalayas
General A must for the herb garden
Use Background, area divider
Zones 8, 9, 14 - 17, 19 - 24
Sun Light shade
Water Ample water
Soil Best in rich soil with organic matter
Plant Tall spires similar to cannas
Size 3 - 7 feet by 1 - 2 feet wide
Leaf Light green spires
Flower White fragrant lily, similar to lei flowers
Bloom Summer
Seeds None yet
Feed Standard
Prune Cut back after it deteriorates in late fall
Prop Divide, root cuttings
Notes: Does well with higher humidity
  Excellent near swimmig pools
  Can be invasive, best in pot or where spreading is acceptable
Pests Snails
Medicinal Soothes stomach ailiments
Cooking Use root for fresh ground ginger
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Name Gotu Kola
Genus/Species Centella asiatica
Family Umbeliferae / Apiaceae ?
Type Marsh , swamp perennial
Aka Spade leaf, Asiatic Pennywort
Origin Asia, Madagascar, India
General Highly prized for medicinal properties
Use Medicinal
Zones Dunno
Sun Partial, can't take deep shade
Water Swamp plant
Soil Any
Size 6"
Plant Low growing ground cover
Leaf Oval fan shape
Flower Purple, teensy white
Bloom Summer
Seeds Dunno
Feed Dunno
Prune To eat
Prop Layering
Medicinal Brain food, purge, aphrodisiac, skin healing, you name it
Picture or my picture at
More info
My notes VERY difficult to find growing information. I placed my four plants in bird baths and they are doing well but not flowering.
Bunnie LOVES this plant.
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