Elephant Ears

Genus/Species Alocasia odora California
Family Araceae
Type Perennial
Origin Asia
General Beautiful green leaves
Use Wonderful background
Zones 22-24 or indoor
Sun Shade or dappled sun
Water Regular to ample
Soil Rich soil
Size To 4 feet high, 3 feet wide
Plant Upright growth, excellent for pot
Leaf Smaller than regular, to 12", slightly ruffled edges
Flower Slender lily type, green spathe
Bloom Summer
Seeds None found yet
Feed Appreciates regular feeding
Prune Trim off dead leaves and flowers
Prop Division
Notes: Does better in the heat than regular elephant ears
  Provide a tray in high heat
  One pot will require dividing in a year
  Does well in the house or winter greenhouse for the winter months
  Does not like the wind
'odora' has a cream spathe, Californica has a green oneo
Pests Snails
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Genus/Species Euphorbia amygdaloides purpurea
Family Euphorbiaceae
Type Perennial ground cover
Aka Wood purge
Origin Europe and Turkey
General Delightful contrast colour
Use Ground cover
Zones 2 - 24
Sun Full sun to almost total shade, prefers some sun
Water Moderate to plenty
Soil Average
Size 18" high, 12" wide
Leaf Lovely brownish purple
Flower Delicate light green
Bloom Spring
Seeds None found yet
Feed Standard
Prune Not needed if not invasive
Prop Root division or runners
Notes: Hot summers deteriorate the plant, but it appears full again each spring
Warnings All parts are poisonous
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Name Feverfew
Genus/Species Chrysanthemum parthenium
Family Compositae
Type Perennial, hardy
Origin Europe
General Found on roadsides in dry areas
Use Medicinal, migraine, repellent for insects
Attract Bees avoid this
Sun Full
Water Regular
Will indicate it needs water by drooping, easily recovers
Soil Any
Size 3' X 2'
Plant Lush bushy, good background filler
Leaf Light green lacy
Flower White petaled daisy type button, yellow center, grouped
Bloom Spring and summer, repeat bloomer
Seeds Center of flower dried
Feed N/A
Prune Whack away. You can't kill this
Prop Seeds and division
Notes: Border line invasive, cut off seeds to prevent plants everywhere
My notes Pull plant and dry upside down for migraine tea
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Name Forget Me Not
Genus/Species Myosotis sylvatica
Family Boraginaceae
Type Annual or biennial
Origin Europe
Hardy Very
Use Lush tall ground cover in a few years
Zones 1-24
Attract Bees
Sun Partial shade
Water Regular
Soil Any
Size 1 1/2 feet by 1 1/2 feet
Plant Cool moist areas
Flower Tiny sky blue, pink available
Bloom Summer
Seeds Stalk of pods after bloom
Prune Dead head to control
Prop Seeds easy to collect, reseeds easily
Notes: State flower of Alaska
Can be invasive
My notes
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