Name Caladium
Genus/Species Caladium bicolor
Family Araceae
Type Tender perennial
My notes Aaron - Green edges, solid white center
White Christmas - Green edge, white center with greeen veins
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Name Calendula
Genus/Species Calendula officinalis
Family Asteraceae
Type Annual
Aka Pot Marigold
Origin Mediterrean
General Good hardy colour almost year around
Use Borders, all year colour, long lasting cut flowers
Zones 1-24
Sun Full sun
Water Moderate
Soil Any
Size 2' high by 3' wide, will spread to several feet wide
Flower Yellow and orange daisies
Bloom Srping to summer
Seeds Easily found on spent flowers
Prune Dead head for rebloom and to control
Prop Cuttings or seeds
Notes: Trim to neaten
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Name Carolina Jasmine
Genus/Species Gelsemium sempervirens
Family Loganiaceae
Type Evergreen vine
Origin Southeastern US
General Lovely display fountain
Use Shower of vines, on fences, curtain affect, ground cover
Zones 8 - 24
Attract Hummers, bees
Sun Full or partial sun
Water Average, looks best if watered regularly but moderately drought tolerant
Soil Average
Size 5' x 5'
Plant One stem branches to a shower of limbs containing flowers
Leaf Dark green ovalate
Flower Bright yellow 1"
Bloom Early spring
Seeds None found yet
Feed Nothing special required
Prune To control, branches will trail on ground and root
Cut back severely if needed
Prop Cuttings easily transplanted
Danger Poisonous for bunnie!!
Notes: Too short a blooming season but spectacular
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Name Catalpa
Genus/Species Catalpa speciosa
Family Bignoniaceae
Type Deciduous tree
Aka Western Catalpa
Origin Illinois to Arkansas
Use Landscaping tree
Zones All zones
Attract Bees, butterflies, hummers
Sun Full sun, some shade
Water Average
Soil Average
Size 40 - 70 feet
Plant Rounded top, unusual limbs that twist interstingly
Leaf 10 - 12 long, slender
Flower Pink trumpets in clusters
Bloom Spring to summer
Prune Can be trimmed into umbrella shape and pruned to prevent leginess
Prop Cuttings, seed
Notes: More info at
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Name Chasmanthe Corms
Genus/Species Chasmanthe aethiopica
Family Iridaceae
Type Corm, tender perennial, herbaceous
Origin South Africa
General Procreates with joy
Use Background
Zones 15-24
Attract Hummers
Sun Full sun to partial shade
Water No water once established
Soil Any soil
Size 4 feet plus
Plant Tall willowy
Leaf Light green swords
Flower Stalk of slender brilliant orange red trumpets
Bloom Feb - April
Seeds Pods form after flowers on the stalks
Feed NOT
Prune To extract entire plant, you MUST get the corm
Cut off brown leaves after dormant in summer
If you trim off leaves after bloom, it will not produce as well following year
Prop Seed or division
Trim off pods if you don't want an invasion
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Name Cherimoya
Genus/Species Annona cherimola
Family Annonaceae
Type Deciduous tree or shrub
Aka Custard Apple
Origin Hawaiin high elevations
Hardy to 25 to -4
Use Edible fruit
Zones 21-24
Growth Quickly first 3-4 years
Sun Full sun
Water Regular water
Size Unpruned 30 feet by thirty feet
Pruned 15 feet by 15 feet
Leaf 4 -10", dull green top, hairy velvet beneath that drop in late srping
Flower Thick hairy fleshy yellow to brown flowers with fruity fragrance
Bloom Starting at leaf drop, continue for 3-4 months
Fruit 1/2 - 1 1/2 lb fruit, harvest late fall or winter when yellowish green
Ripen at room temperature, will turn dull brown, refrigerate.
White flesh tastes like pineapple crossed with banana
Eat with spoon, tastes best cold
Seeds Black seeds
Prune After 4 or 5 years, prune to produce fruiting wood.
Prop See Sunset book about pollination
My notes Brought to me, 12" high, by Dave Worden.
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Name Chinese Fringe Tree
Genus/Species Chionanthus retusus
Family Oleaceae
Type Deciduous tree
Origin China, Taiwan, Korea, Japan
Use Decorative
Zones 2-9, 14-24
Sun Full sun to light shade
Water Moderate
Size To 20 feet
Leaf Turns yellow in fall
Flower White fringe
Bloom June-July (March in zone 9)
Seeds Pods, female produces small dark olives, requires male
Prop Male and female needed to produce seeds
Seeds might only germinate the second spring after planting
Trees can take up to ten years to produce flowers
Notes Female trees produce seed pods, males do not
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Name Chinese Ground Orchid
Genus/Species Bletilla striata/hyacinthina
Family Orchidaceae
Type Terrestrial orchid, herbaceous
Origin China, Japan
General One of the garden's treasures
Use Woodland plant
Zones 4-9,12-24
Hardy to 20, 10 if roots are protected
Sun Full shade to light shade
Water Frequent
Soil Rich moist humus
Size 12"
Plant Wispy green
Leaf Long green sword
Flower Tiny, delicate purple orchid
Bloom March - April (short)
Prop Division
Spring before growth starts
Notes: Bloom best when crowded, slow growth if let loose
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Name Chitalpa
Genus/Species Chitalpa linarius, cross of the Chilopsis linearis and Catalpa bignoides
Family Bignoniaceae
Type Deciduous tree
General One of my favorites now
Use Landscaping tree
Zones All zones
Attract Bees, butterflies, hummers
Sun Full sun, some shade
Water Average
Soil Average
Size 40 - 70 feet
Plant Rounded top, unusual limbs that twist interestingly
Leaf 10 - 12 long, slender
Flower Pink trumpets in clusters
Bloom Spring to summer
Seeds None found yet, sterile!
Prune Can be trimmed into umbrella shape and pruned to prevent leginess
Prop Cuttings
We use Y shaped cuttings fortomato stakes and four of them grew into trees
Notes: I spent years thinking this was a Catalpa until Dave Worden,
bless him, came to see it and corrected us!
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Name Clematis
Genus/Species Clematis armandii
Family Ranunculaceae
Type Evergreen vine
Aka Evergreen clematis
Origin China
General Strong climber
Use Fence covering
Zones 4 - 9, 12 - 24
Attract Hummers, butterflies, bees
Sun Full
Water Average
Soil Average, avoid excess salts
Size Endless
Leaf Long slender dark green
Flower Pure white, fragrant
Bloom Spring
Seeds Tiny fuzzy
Prune Trim after bloom as it blooms on last year's growth
Pinch ends to control
Prop Cuttings and seeds
Notes: Our hummers prefer this vine for all their nests
My notes
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Name Cleome
Genus/Species Cleome hasslerana/spinosa
Family Capparaceae
Type Annual
Aka Spider Flower
Use Naturalization area, background in mass
General Procreates with a passion, little care needed
Zones All zones
Attracts Butterflies, bees, hummers
Sun Full sun, some shade
Water Some summer water, drought resistant. Withdraw water to confine
Soil Tolerates terrible soil
Size 4- 5 feet tall and wide
Plant Leggy
Leaf Long thin light green
Flower Pink to purple (white?) blooms, 6" wide clusters
Bloom Summer to frost
Seeds PLENTIFUL on long slender seed pods that open easily
Prune None required unless you want to keep seeds or keep from becoming invasive
Prop Seeds or cuttings
My notes I gathered most of the seeds (ended up with about 50 pounds)
from ONE plant and still have a thick carpet of Cleome seedlings where that plant was.
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Genus/Species Solenostemon scutellarioides
Family Coleus or Labiatae
Type Tender perennial grown as an annual
Aka Painted Nettle
Origin Unknown, not North America
General Lovely colours, endless varities available
Use Potted colour in garden or house
Zones H1,H2, or indoor
Sun Bright sun, light shade, filtered sun
Water Moderate toaverage, will wilt wasily but recover nicely
Soil Average, well drained
Plant Full lush colour if happy
Size 1 -2 feet high and wide, some are good fro hanging basket
Leaf Wide spade
Flower Talk stalks of tiny blue flowers
Bloom Spring to summer
Seeds Tiny if left to mature
Feed Standard
Prune Pinch for bushiness
Prop Cuttings and seeds. Seeds need light to germinate.
Notes: Kept very well in house or wintergreenhouse for the winter
  Cold wet soil and poor health cause to leaf drop
Pests Mites will cause leaf curl and distortions
Warnings Poisonous
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Name Columbine
Genus/Species Aquilegia caerulea = Rocky Mtn
Aquilegia formosa = Western
Aquilegia hybrids = Incls McKanna
Aquilegia vulgaris = European
Family Ranunculaceae
Type Perennial
Aka Western Columbine
Origin Alaska to CA
General Wonderful garden highlight
Use Woodland, filler
Zones 1 - 11, 14 - 24
Attract Hummers
Sun Full to light shade
Water Regular water
Soil Well drained
Size 1 1/2 to 3 feet high
Flower Variety of colour and combinations
Bloom Spring to fall
Seeds Seed pods plentiful
Prune Dead head for rebloom
Prop Easily reseeds
My notes
Types Rocky Mountain Blue
Heirloom (Mrs. Scott Elliott)
Song Bird Cardinal (Add)
Swan Mix
William Guiness
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Name Crepe Myrtle
Genus/Species Lagershoemia indica
Family Loosestrife
Type Deciduous shrub or tree
Aka Crape Myrtle
Origin China
General Slow growing, incredible colour
Needs heat and sun to bloom
Zones All zones
Sun Full sun (will not bloom well in the shade)
Water Infrequent but deep waterings
Soil Does not like too alkaline
Size to 20 feet
Plant Compact , bushy in the sun, leggy in shade
Leaf Light green tinged bronze, round, yellow in fall
Flower Brilliant pinks , reds, purples, white
Bloom July - Sept
Feed Often needs iron
Seeds Collected easily from pods
Prune If cut back severly it should bloom several times a year
Heavy trimming when dormant, pruning increases next year's bloom
Prop Seeds or ripe wood cuttings
Enemies Powdery mildew and aphids
My notes
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Name Curry Plant
Genus/Species Helichrysum augustifolium or italicum
Family Asteraceae (Compositae)
Type Perennial herb
Origin Europe
General Lovely 'curry' scent
Zones 9-11
Attracts Butterflies
Sun Full sun
Water Some summer water, drought resistant
Soil Well drained
Size 3 - 5 feet tall, 3' wide
Plant 1 - 2 feet multi branches straight up
Leaf Grey green thin (like Rosemary)
Flower Small yellow fuzzies
Bloom Summer to fall
Seeds Have collected, have not sprouted
Prop Seeds or cuttings
Picture #7
My notes Hard to find information
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