Name Banana Tree
Genus/Species Musa
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Bear's Breech

Genus/Species Acanthus mollis
Family Acanthaceae
Type Perennial
Origin Mediterranean and southern Europe
General Grown for splendid leaves, tough plant, invasive
Use Good filler, landscaping plant
Zones 5-24
Sun Full sun, partial sun in hotter areas, plant will 'melt' but recover easily
Water Moderate to average, drooping will let you know it needs more
Soil Average
Size to 6' by 6'
Leaf Wide, dark green deeply lobed
Flower Tall stalks of white to purple tubular flowers
Bloom Late spring and early summer
Seeds Not yet
Feed Standard
Prune Remove deadened leaves
Prop Division, early spring and fall advised
Notes: Roots run under ground and become invasive
  Hack away, you can't kill an established plant
  Deep watering beneficial in hot weather
Pests Snail and slugs are large problem, bait regularly
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Bower Vine

Genus/Species Pandorea jasminoides 'rosea'
Family Bignoniaceae
Type Evergreen vine
Origin Australia
Aka Bignonoa jasminoides, Tecoma jasminoides
General Delicate looking vine
Use Trellis,
Zones 16-24
Sun Full sun or part shade in the hottest areas
Water Average, do not over water
Soil Average
Size Fast growth to 20 or more feet
Leaf Pointed oval, 5-7 per leaflet
Flower Fragile looking light pink trumpet with darker throat, unscented
Bloom Spring to summer
Seeds Not yet
Feed Standard
Prune Immediately after flowering, this will flower on last year's growth
Prop Cuttings, layering
  Continual freeze will kill this
  Protect from winds
Notes: Darker pink variety is scented
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Name Bunchberry
Genus/Species Cornus canadensis
Family Cornaceae
Type Deciduous carpet (herbaceous?)
Aka Dogwood Vine
Origin North CA and Alaska
General Great forest ground cover
Use Ground cover
Zones 1-7, difficult but not impossible in zones 8, 9, 14-16
Sun Shade
Water Plenty
Soil Acid soil with plenty of rotten wood or humus
Size 6" to 9" tall, 12" to 24" trailing
Plant When established a lush cover
Leaf 1-2 inch heart shaped, rich dark green
Flower Small white dogwood flowers, yellow stamen stalk
Bloom Late spring to summer
Seeds Does produce seeds, bright red fruit
Growth Slow
Feed None
Prune Rare
Prop Rootstock, division
Seeds have not been successful yet
Notes: Considered hard to transplant
I do everything I can to encourage its growth
Mine is a slow grower but doing well in heavy clay soil
This is questionable a bunchberry.
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Butterfly Bush

Genus/Species Buddleia davidii
Family Buddlejaceae
Type Semi evergreen to deciduous bush
Aka Summer Lilac
Origin China and Japan
General Landscaping standard for butterfly garden
Use Central focus
Zones 2-24
Sun Full sun, light shade
Water Average
Soil Well drained
Plant Large, full bush with arching stems
Size to 10 feet by 10 feet
Leaf Elongated taper, gray green
Flower 6-12 inch stalks of tiny flowers, extremely fragrant, smells like honey
Bloom Spring thru fall
Seeds Teensy, if left to mature
Feed Standard
Prune Trim dead flowers for rebloom
  Prune back to a few feet before spring growth
Prop Cuttings and seeds
Notes: Cuttings are easy
  Many colours available, white, pink, lavender, red, purple
  Extended freeze will kill off the tops, but roots regrow in spring
  Too deep a shade causes death
I have grown and trimmed these to be 'weeping' butterfly bushes
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