walnut area map
Walnut Stump
Violet Trumpet Vine

The walnut area is east of Africa, the north east corner of the inner yard. It is now under construction. As David puts it, the yard is a "work in progress."

This is now the sunniest area of the yard, and quite hot. Plans for the area include brick flooring and an outdoor kitchen as one of David's largest obsession is cooking. The bordered edges are already stuffed to the brim with plants.

A lovely old walnut tree dominated the area, but alas, one day it was discovered that the tree had become rotten. Well, our neighbor found out first, in the middle of a hilacious wind storm. The tree was cut down sadly, with its branches becoming fire wood, slices of the trunk stored for craft projects, and the stump remains still as the base for garden candles and a sun dial. We are planning on sculpting the trunk a bit more, another rainy day project. Meanwhile, we purchase, beg and borrow walnuts for the squirrels.

Here you will find bear's breech, dinasaur food (yes, that's really the name,) honeysuckle gone rampant, violet trumpet vine, salvia, several orchids, hollyhocks, lady slippers, baby's tears, passionflower also gone insane, dianthus, lantana, verbena in every colour, lavenders, dianthus, columbine, aloes, butterfly bush, tradescantia, wall flower, lobelia, a new Aptos Blue redwood tree, corncockle, and other plants.

Lots of work to do here.