This is where we live most of the time. The back door leads to the back deck, which leads down to the large dance deck. You are under the mulberry tree 'umbrella' surrounded by the areas called africa, the hot tub area, and the forest. It is shady, full of water sounds from the wine tubs, bird sounds as Peanut, Robert and their families hover, and it is simply heaven. I can't count the first time visitors who have been amazed when they walk through the back door, or the friends who readily return simply to just sit and relax in our Eden.

Some of the pictures you will see on these pages show empty decks, pictures that now make us laugh. Currently, it takes two people almost an hour to water the pots on all four decks. It has been called a jungle more than once.

Since we love to cook, and refer to ourselves as 'food whores', this is where we entertain and eat. Torches full of citronella fuel surrounding the deck keep most of the flying objects at bay. For some unknown reason, the forest acts like a wind tunnel that breezes into the deck area, so even the hottest days can be enjoyed here. A large and growing collection of wind chimes hanging off the forest deck side adds to the ambience. Outdoor speakers are a delight, and we can play our music loudly as we have no neighbors near by to irritate.