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A List of Food and Cooking Sites
All Recipes
Andy's Mom's Snickerdoodles
Apple Sauce Cafe
Best Foods
Better Homes and Gardens
Betty Crocker
Bread World
Campbell's Soup
Chef Johnny 
Chex Mix Recipes
Coca Cola Cake
Cookie Recipes
Cookies and Bars
Cook Spot
Cooks Recipes
Creole and Cajun recipe Page
Favorite Brand Recipes
Kraft Foods
Food Network's CyberKitchen
Free Cooking Recipes
Hidden Valley
Home and Family Network
Jarmann Sisters Christmas Cookie Recipes
Joy of Baking
Mrs Claus Cookbook (Christmas Cookies!)
Mrs. Fields Original Cookies
Pillsbury Company
Recipe Circus
Recipe Gold Mine
Recipe Source
Recipe Spin
Ronzoni Macaroni Company
Top Secret Recipes on the Web
Yum Yum

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