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House rules: (?)
Leave the house as you found it, and/or better.
If it isn't yours, dont use it (personal expendable items).
If you need to use it anyway, let the owner know or replace it. .
Take garbage and left over open food with you.
Decorating theme is 'cabin' and colours are muted woodsy browns, blues, burgundy, greys, pale yellow, greens, etc.
Eventually carpet the bedrooms, leave main room as is and buy large area rugs.
Create 'bathroom baskets' for each family, keep your own flavor shampoos etc in it, each family has their own
There are ceiling fixtures in the dining and kitchen. Period. Look for floor and table lamps.
Look for small bench for right inside front door for removing wet shoes etc
Look for coat rack, there is no coat closet
Kitchen dishes: buy mis-matched goodwill plates, bowls, etc
Small downstairs bedroom - 'L' shaped bunkbeds with dresser under tall bunkbed
Large downstairs bedroom - Dad and Anne's room, have bed
Small upstairs bedroom - adult double or queen bed and child cot?
Large upstairs bedroom - fill with bunk beds, kids beds?